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  • Does your hair lack fullness and volume?
  • Have you tried standard extensions and found they were too heavy for your hair and didn't give you the coverage you wanted?
  • Has your hair been damaged from chemical processes?
  • Have you had hair extension hot glues or waxes burn your scalp?
  • Are you looking for a solution to your thinning hair that's not a hair system or surgery?

Micro Point Solutions may be the solution for you! What's great about Micro Point Solutions is that there are no chemicals, adhesives, weaves, transplants, matrix or hair systems involved. It is a solution that is so natural and so safe, it is patented.

Micro Point Link allows us to take 4 strands of hair and link them directly to a single strand of growing hair, instantly increasing the density of that hair by 400% without causing damage or stress to the hair. The procedure can be repeated so that a person can get up to 672 additional strands of hair added to his or her own growing hair in just one hour.

Micropoint Solutions Customers

Micro Point becomes a part of you and will enhance the look you have without changing it unless you want to. Be as active as you've always been. Think about having thousands of new strands of hair to comb, brush and style.

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