About International Hairgoods

International Hair Goods is committed to providing beautiful, premium hair replacement products of the highest quality, and has decades of experience and a proud history to stand behind. No matter your hair replacement needs – from just-thinning hair to all-over coverage- you can be confident that International Hair Goods has exactly what you need!


How do we stand out?

An Unbeatable combination of Global Expertise & Cutting-Edge Research and Development

Since 1968, International Hair Goods has been a major player in the hair replacement industry by continually embracing innovation, quality, and service. Utilizing advanced technology, we exploded onto the market in the 1990s with Cyberhair, a world class “created (synthetic) hair” that has been used to construct the finest hair replacement solutions available. And we haven’t stopped there: we’ve continued our fine tradition of providing superior products straight through the present day, continuing to raise the standard by which every other hair replacement product is measured.

When you wear an International Hair Goods product, you are showing the world the best-of the-best: quality pieces that our highly skilled professionals have produced utilizing the absolute latest technologies, and we are proud to say that our wide range of products are truly unmatched in our industry.

We work exclusively with thousands of individually owned studios, providing them with specialized training, exclusive products, and customer support, ensuring that our products get to you with a personalized touch. Constantly on the pulse of the latest style trends, we are committed to bringing you up-to-the minute fashions that are unmatched in design, comfort, and wearability.

Cutting-edge Research and Development

Our state-of-the-art research and development has also become one of our hallmarks. Our revolutionary scalp and hair treatment programs and products are the result of tireless innovation and intense research.

Global Expertise

As part of the Aderans family, we are able to provide our extensive collection to a worldwide audience, enabling us to create the highest levels of customer satisfaction all over the globe.