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Concerned about your hair?

Did you know that hair loss can be caused by using hair products that are hard on your hair or your scalp? If you’re using products that are tough on your hair, your scalp or your hair follicles, those products may be contributing to the hair loss and hair thinning you’re experiencing.

While hair follicles go through a natural cycle of growing hair and then resting, the follicles require a healthy environment for the growth cycle to continue. Without this healthy environment, hair will not grow. Specifically, the papilla needs to be healthy and functioning well — this is the part of the hair follicle that contains the blood vessels that supply nutrients to nourish growing hair.

Our Hair Support products are specifically designed to support your hair’s regrowth and to treat thinning hair by cleansing blocked follicles and stimulating the scalp and increasing nutrient-rich blood circulation. Our products gently and effectively energize your scalp and your hair follicles, revitalizing resting hair follicles.

Our specially formulated scientifically-tested and patented Hair Support products can be used at home or by our highly trained salon specialists who will provide a professional scalp treatment. Either way, our goal is to restore your hair to its natural hair life cycle.



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