Ultimate Guide to Scalp Massagers for Hair Growth


Many consumers spend hundreds of dollars per year on hair care products while still struggling with dry scalp, thinning hair and hair loss. 

Despite this, most only get a scalp massage when they have the full treatment at the hair salon, and many men will go 12 months without ever getting one!

Using a scalp massager even as little as once a week can have a hugely positive effect on hair growth and scalp health.

How Scalp Massagers Work

Scalp massagers generally have four small heads that run along the scalp and stimulate the different pressure points. 

Many scalp massagers are static, meaning the heads only rotate as your hand does, but electric scalp massagers will rotate the four heads in different directions for optimal performance.

Scalp massages have been proven to stimulate hair growth by removing oil and toxins from the follicles. 

These oils and toxins can create a cement-like barrier around the follicle, creating a restrictive environment for hair to grow successfully. 

Using a scalp massager will create an optimal environment on the scalp for the hair follicle and can stimulate hair growth while also resulting in stronger hair shafts.

Massagers will also increase scalp circulation. Increased blood flow to the follicle is essential in stopping the miniaturization process - which is the thinning of hair.

Aderans Waterproof Scalp Massager

Our favorite scalp massage is the Aderans Waterproof Scalp Massager, which is a hand-held, electronic device. It has four rubber massage heads that replicate 2800 touches every minute to the scalp.

It will also stimulate 70 different pressure points on the scalp to ensure a stimulating massage while also coming with the benefits mentioned above.

The best time for your clients to use this massager is in the shower! The massager acts as a lather to create bubbles and help shampoo really get to the scalp, clean and create that optimal environment for future hair growth.

The heads will move and the device will vibrate at the level of your client’s choosing to ensure they get the most comfortable scalp massage possible outside of your salon!

As the massager works to remove the excess oil and toxins, they are replaced with cleansers and enzymes that are much healthier for the scalp and can aid in hair growth too.

Not only is the device great for potentially stimulating hair growth, but it also gives your clients the salon treatment feeling, getting a head and neck massage in their own time. It can be a great selling point to them during their visit, too.

The Client

Most if not all of you will have several clients worried about their hair loss and what to do to either stop it, or reverse it.

A scalp massager is a great step forward for them, giving them another non-surgical option to dip their toes into the hair replacement/restoration world before they’re faced with the bigger choices like hair toppers or even surgery.

You may also encounter clients that have severely damaged hair, but no thinning or loss. A scalp massager would be a great option for them too, especially if you catch the damaged hair or scalp at a point before hair loss even starts.

This will help their scalp and hair become healthy again without the need to spend thousands on other treatments or surgeries.

Coupling a scalp massager with other options such as Strand Builder or Laser Devices is also an option for you to maximize the sales inside your salon. 

Strand Builder is a natural keratin fiber that makes hair appear thicker & fuller, so can be an option for somebody who wants a solution that takes seconds to work.

A laser cap would be a great solution for a client that has a little more thinning or hair loss than Strand Builder can cover up. Using these caps for as little as six minutes a day can help hair regrowth in both men and women.

Your clients will truly be “wowed” by the benefits that a scalp massager and various other solutions can bring. Your studio will also benefit from being a solutions partner by driving regular revenue from loyal and happy clients.

Overall, we would look at the scalp massager as a lead-in to other hair replacement and/or restoration services.

The scalp massager makes a client’s scalp much more receptive to laser therapy and other scalp health programs, so if they find their hair growth is still stunted after a few months of using a spa massager in your salon or at home, it might be time to discuss moving forward with hair replacement, or laser therapy treatments!

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