Virtual Cyberhair Certification

A breakthrough in the research and development of hair! This advancement was engineered by Aderans, the world’s largest manufacturer of hair systems. Cyberhair® stands above similar hair replacement products. Cyberhair is equal or superior to other hair fibers, while duplicating its texture to simulate growing hair. 
Cyberhair exhibits unparalleled durability, uniformity, lightness, 
softness, body & lift, & memory retention. 
Standard fiber options have an unnatural shape or a damaged surface in trying to achieve light-reflecting properties. Most human hair is heavily chemically treated to regain its “naturalness”. Those efforts typically result in corrupting the hair quality. With Cyberhair’s performance, nothing else comes as close to the texture of your own hair. Cyberhair  is extremely close to natural growing hair.  It is this texture that gives hair its visual and tactile signature.  It truly is a ‘created’ hair that looks and feels like strong healthy hair! 
Cyberhair Training Kit Includes:
CY Demo Hair System
Custom Templates
Buttercut Thinning Shears
Buttercut Cutting Shears
Accessories, Color Ring & Cyberhair Guides
Color Ring
Ventilated Curl Guide
Cyberhair Texture Ring
Cyberhair Mini Base Ring
Arshang Brush
Friction-Free Towel
C-Formula A.S.C. Rejuvenator
C-Formula Cleanse Concentrate 144
C-Formula Deep Condition 274
C-Formula Final Protection 444
    Note that the C-Formula products are the 4-oz sample sizes, but these come in 8oz (retail) and 32-oz (professional) sizes.

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