Concise Collection

Concise is a premium line of human hair systems to accommodate both men and women with varying degrees of hair loss.

Our Brand

Concise are custom-made pieces that match your already-existing hair and your individual style to give you that boost of confidence you need without compromising your already-beautiful look.

Concise isn’t about replacing, it’s about enhancing: your look, your style, and your life!

Concise is Real Human Hair

Best of all, Concise is real human hair – hair that can be challenged, styled, washed and combed like your present hair. And not only is it real: Concise is a quality human hair that has been hand-selected and hand-processed to preserve the hair’s integrity.

Rely on our Expertise and Skill

You can rely on our expertise and skill to give you the exact look you’re searching for. Your hair says a lot about you, and we know that the trust you’ll put in our Concise products says a lot about us, as well.