Private Issue

Although we offer a number of select Private Issue styles, there are no two pieces that end up exactly alike. Private Issue is as individual as you are! Let’s celebrate it!

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Okay. You’re ready to take the first step into finding that perfect hair replacement product. You know you want the best there is when it comes to comfort and style, but you also want something that is uniquely for you, created from Cyberhair – the industry’s Best In Show.

You’re ready for Private Issue!

The first step you’ll need to take is setting up a consultation with a Private Hair-exclusive studio, where your stylist will guide you, step-by-step, into finding the best look and feel for your particular need. You’ll discuss different style options, color choices, and how your selection will be cut and styled to make you look and feel your best. Private Issue products aren’t like other systems - they aren’t popped out of a box and right onto your head. They are pre-made, but not pre-styled. It’s up to you and your stylist to make Private Issue your very own.

Just Live Life Hair Collection – For Kids!

Through our Just Live Life Kids! program, we provide children with worry-free Cyberhair wigs that offer a natural appearance, will stand up to lots of play, and is the ultimate in comfort.

Worry-free hair option that is also free of charge!

Children with medically related hair loss have so much to worry about already – and we are proud to provide them with a worry-free hair option that is also free of charge!

Think Cyberhair is just for grown-ups? Think again!

We are proud to offer both adults and children with the best products in the business: hair that is durable, lightweight, and incredibly long-lasting – especially children with medically related hair loss.

If you are interested in applying for a hairpiece for your child, download your Just Live Life Kids! application here, and contact a participating studio near you for more information! If you are a studio who would like to participate in the program, click here.