MicroPoint F.A.Q.

Is MicroPoint a transplant surgery?

No. MicroPoint solutions do not involve surgery – it’s a non-surgical procedure designed to give density and volume to fine or thinning hair.

How long will my MicroPoint procedure take?

The time for your procedure is based on how thin your hair is and how much of the product your consultant feels you need to give you the look you’re asking for.

Who can benefit from the MicroPoint Solutions procedure?

Nearly everyone can benefit, especially those with thinning hair, but anyone experiencing 0-50% hair loss may be a candidate.

Will I lose additional hair using MicroPoint Solutions products?

No. The only hair you will lose is from the shedding of your own natural growing hair, just as it did prior to the start of any of the MicroPoint solution procedures.

Are there any restrictions on activity?

No – in fact, MicroPoint solutions will give you more
freedom that you had before, especially if you were holding back on activities that involved
water and wet hair. MicroPoint has been designed to complement an active and busy lifestyle.

Do the MicroPoint procedures need to be redone?

Although the process can be a one-time, “special occasion” procedure, know that all of the procedures will grow out as your natural hair does. Depending on which procedure works best, you’ll need to be seen as early as every four weeks or as late as every ten weeks, depending on your technician’s advice.