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Cyber Hair Model Wet


Welcome to the future. A future you can hold in your hands. A future that is both invincibly strong and irresistibly touchable. A future that guarantees longevity, high-performance, and the ultimate experience in both comfort and style.



The result of decades of cutting-edge research and development by engineers working around the clock to provide you with the ultimate solution to your hair replacement needs, Cyberhair is the premier synthetic solution to what you are looking for in a hair replacement product. Longer-lasting than human hair, yet more durable and reliable than standard synthetic hair, Cyberhair is in a class all its own. Simply put, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Cyberhair looks and feels like human hair, but is incredibly heat-resistant, durable, and colorfast–all while remaining lightweight and comfortable. It experiences virtually no change due to prolonged use, so a Cyberhair system has twice the life expectancy of a human hair. And, unlike human hair, Cyberhair dries perfectly, returning to its original style with just a shake of a wet head.

Human hair is hot, heavy, will eventually grow dull and fade, become dry, brittle, and will break. Human hair will require hair-adds to the system. Cyberhair will not break down. It’s better than natural; it’s supernatural. And with Cyberhair, unlike donation-supplied human hair, there will always be more where that came from. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of human hair.


Cyberhair’s premium hair technology is specially formulated from small, nylon pellets which are then heated, crystalized, and cuticlized to recreate the appearance of human hair. The nylon used in Cyberhair’s unique construction is colored with the most stable dyes available, so the color never fades. Ever. (Other hair replacement products cannot claim that!) And, because of the high temperatures needed to create Cyberhair’s ultra-authentic look and feel, it can withstand extreme heat – so there’s no fear of sun damage or firing up that curling iron.


Because Cyberhair is not constructed from a human hair follicle, it is by definition, synthetically created. But unlike any other synthetic hair product, Cyberhair plays a definite long game. Other synthetics look unnatural. They fade, the curl relaxes, and the hair breaks. Cyberhair does not fade, has incredibly tight hold for curls, and the fibers are extremely strong. Cyberhair stands apart from other synthetics because there truly is no comparison.