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Akanu CollectionTM is the first ready to wear wig collection made with Cyberhair®

Cyberhair® is lightweight – 1/3 the weight of human hair, so the wigs are the preferred option for ultimate comfort.

5 ready-to-wear styles come in 7 colorfast, natural-looking rooted colors that will sustain appearance and curl.

Highly durable for long-term daily wear. NOT SOLD ONLINE: providing wholesale protection to our resale partners.

Hair Replacement Systems

Multiple Fiber Options Including Human Hair & Cyberhair®


Ready to Wear & Custom Wigs with Multiple Fiber Options, Including Cyberhair® and Human Hair

The Micro Point Solutions® technique locks multiple hairs on existing hairs at the base of the scalp. Hair goes from thin to thick in just one session with lasting results.

• Maximize your profits with this exclusive service!
• A Healthy Alternative To Extensions
• Increase Hair Volume and Density up to 400%
•Non-surgical option for clients in early stages of hair loss
• Immediate Transformation. Fuller, Thicker Hair. Instantly.

Strand BuilderTM natural keratin hair building fibers give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair, instantly. The Strand BuilderTM Starter Kit allows you to create fantastic style

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