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Looking For The Missing Link In Hair Replacement?

Mirco Point Solutions is your Answer!

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This exclusive non-surgical hair replacement process recreates the look and feel of your client’s natural hair and will visibly boost thin hair in just one appointment.

Micro Point LINKS will maximize the density and volume of hair for a fuller look in just one session. This exclusive technique adds multiple Cyberhair® hairs which are locked onto existing hair at the base of the scalp. By using this technique, your client’s hair will go from thin to thick in just one session and increases the density of a single hair by 400%!

Micro Point ACCCENTS adds 100 hairs to 10-15 growing hairs to immediately add volume to the sides or back of the head. There is no cover up of existing hair and no adhesives.

Micro Point Links & Accents can be added to hair in one appointment for immediate results but follow up appointments will be needed as hair grows.

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So what is Micro Point, exactly?

It’s a painless, non-surgical procedure for both women and men designed to boost hair volume up to 400% -- without the use of glue or solvents. Its method is simple, and depends on what your preferred outcome is.

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Micro Point Solutions® by Cyberhair® was developed as an option for those with thinning hair or hair that lacks fullness and volume.  Micro Point is for those who have found standard extensions too heavy, damaging, or too visible; and for the top of the head where extensions cannot go.  Cyberhair® has style memory which makes it easy to maintain the style. Micro Point Solutions® utilizes Cyberhair® to instantly add more volume to your clients existing hair – transforming their hair in just one visit.  

Because the Micro Point Solutions® program is noticeably different from other hair replacement options, it can open your business to new client traffic. You probably already have existing clients who will love how beautiful, light and natural Micro Point Solutions® hair looks and feels. Now you can expand your business and increase your client base by offering this safe, healthy alternative to extensions.

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