Micro Point Solutions Certification

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Monday, August 5 2024 (Minneapolis MN)

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Micro Point Solutions is a non-invasive coverage solution that maximizes the density of your client’s hair.

The Micro Point Link is a safe and durable, non-surgical strand-by-strand solution that provides an option to maximize your client’s hair volume according to their need. A combination of 2 Strands4 Strands, or 6 Strands are added to the client’s own hair. The Link incorporates multiple Cyberhair® hairs onto the client's own existing hair strand base. Hair will go from thin to thick in just one session and increase the density of a single hair up to 600%! The Link will grow up the shaft of each hair and will eventually be cut off or will shed.

Additionally, IHI also offers Micro Point ACCCENTS which add 100 hairs to existing 10-15 growing hairs to immediately add volume to the sides or back of the head. There is no cover-up of existing hair and no adhesives.


  • Hands On Technical Demonstration & Application via e-learning platform with follow up Video Zoom demo, troubleshooting, and coaching session(s)
  • Complete STYLIST TRAINING KIT with: Practice Micro Point Links & Accents, Tools & Materials, and Mannequin

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