Hair Replacement

IHI offers both stock and custom Hair Replacement Systems for women and men, with multiple fiber options, including Human Hair, Cyberhair®, Vitalhair®, and blended options. Our premium range of hair systems assures your client will have the most natural-looking and best feeling hair replacement option and can accommodate men and women with various degrees of hair loss.

Please ask our team about our NEW Human Hair Systems options for men – the SK1 and LC1!

Micro Point Solutions

This exclusive non-surgical hair replacement process recreates the look and feel of your client’s natural hair and will visibly boost thin hair in just one appointment.

Micro Point LINKS will maximize the density and volume of hair for a fuller look in just one session. This exclusive technique adds multiple Cyberhair® hairs which are locked onto existing hair at the base of the scalp. By using this technique, your client’s hair will go from thin to thick in just one session and increases the density of a single hair by up to 600%!

Micro Point ACCCENTS adds 100 hairs to 10-15 growing hairs to immediately add volume to the sides or back of the head. There is no cover up of existing hair and no adhesives.

Micro Point Links & Accents can be added to hair in one appointment for immediate results but follow up appointments will be needed as hair grows.

Ask us how you can get certified in Micro Point Solutions!


Our selection of ready-to-war and custom wigs are available in multiple fiber options, to allow you to recommend the best solution for your client. Coming Soon – the Akanu Collection of ready-to-wear wigs made with Cyberhair and with attractive rooted colors!

Strand Builder Organic Keratin Hair Building Fibers

Instantly Transform Thinning Hair! Make thinning hair look thicker with natural Keratin hair building fibers. 

Strand Builder applies easily to fill in the parts of hair that you want to look fuller. Simply match the hair color and apply. Hair will instantly look fuller and thicker!

Laser & Spa Devices

In-Salon Hair Laser Treatment for Clients! This FDA-Cleared hair loss treatment device uses Low Level Light Therapy as a proven way to regrow hair and slow further loss. Drive revenue without tying up your stylists for higher profits and productivity! Our Capillus Laser is exclusive to IHI at an unmatched value!

The Aderans Waterproof Scalp Massager is a relaxing way to improve scalp health! The Waterproof Scalp Massager gives your head and scalp a stimulating massage to support healthier hair and scalp. A great tool to incorporate with in-salon services, as well as retail opportunity!

Supplies & Accessories

From targeted wet lines to meet your client’s specific hair needs to tools & supplies, attachments, solvents, and tape; IHI has what you need to exceed your client’s expectations.