Virtual Training

If you don't see a date below that works, we are currently scheduling virtual Micro Point Solutions & Intro to Hair Replacement classes at times that work best for you!

Whether you're purchasing your training sessions online or by phone, we will make sure you get to pick a date and time that is ideal for everyone involved.

Once it is safe for our team to travel, we'd love to come and see our virtual training attendees for a booster session free of charge!

We have been busy - trying to develop effective educational opportunities to serve the needs of your salon and your clients.  Our entire industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges and we’re working to develop long-term strategies to support your client needs, with deep consideration of salon revenue goals.

IHI has developed a comprehensive e-learning platform for Micro Point Solutions Training that is complete and ready for viewing. Virtual training is also available for Intro to Hair Replacement!

Training Videos will be sent upon registration and Virtual One on One Hands-On Video Classes can be scheduled to accommodate your schedule upon completion of the video portion of training. Please contact 800.328.0311 or for more details.

micro point solutions

LIVE TRAINING at International Hairgoods in Eden Prairie (Minneapolis), MN

We plan to continue REGIONAL LIVE TRAINING sessions in key markets and will provide an updated schedule as soon as it’s safe for our team to travel. 

Zoom Seminars & Roundtable Discussions

International Hairgoods will be hosting a series of seminars and roundtable discussions relating to Total Hair Solutions.  Please watch our website or Facebook page here, or contact 800.328.0311 or for dates and topics.  These events are free.

Micro Point Solutions Certification

The Micro Point Link is a fast, safe and durable, non -surgical strand by strand solution that provides an option to maximize your client’s hair volume according to their need.  Micro Point LINKS will maximize the density and volume of hair for a fuller look in just one session. This exclusive technique adds multiple Cyberhair® hairs which are locked onto existing hair at the base of the scalp.  Hair will go from thin to thick in just one session and increases the density of a single hair up to 600%!

A combination of 2 Strands, 4 Strands, or 6 Strands are added into to the client’s own hair.  Cyberhair is used which is 4x lighter and mimics human hair.  The Link is incorporated and attached to the client’s own hair strand, giving them immediate results.  The Link will grow up the shaft of each hair and will eventually be cut off or will shed.

Micro Point ACCCENTS adds 100 hairs to 10-15 growing hairs to immediately add volume to the sides or back of the head.  There is no cover up of existing hair and no adhesives.

Introduction to Hair Replacement Certification

Expand your service offerings with solutions for clients experiencing hair loss.  Learn the fundamentals of hair replacement, from consultations to selling to choosing the best solution to creating transformed and loyal clients.  Get going on your path to becoming a hair replacement specialist and start increasing your hourly income with this comprehensive virtual training with live coaching and hands-on instruction.

Cyberhair Customs Designs Certification

Cyberhair®, engineered in the 1990’s, is still the most superior created hair fiber available. It beats human hair in its durability and ability to hold color, and beats synthetic fibers by its heat tolerance, love of water and ultra-light weight. 

Cyberhair Custom Designs allows you to create a personalized solution for your client, no matter their needs.

This comprehensive and hands on 2-day session covers the many possibilities of non-surgical hair replacement and how they will exceed the expectations of your hair loss clients.  Key topics include hands-on mold-making and cutting & styling techniques; custom ordering guidance; caring for Cyberhair; and key pricing strategies.