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IHI teaches hair stylists how to be the most skilled professionals in the hair replacement industry and helps them deliver high-demand hair loss services. Our educational programs help hair stylists master hair replacement techniques while building the stepping stones to a more profitable and rewarding business successes. 

IHI has developed a comprehensive e-learning options for Micro Point Solutions Training as well as Intro to Hair Replacement and Cyberhair Certification.

Virtual training, including Virtual One on One Hands-On Video Classes are available any time. Please contact 800.328.0311 or promos@inthair.com for more details.

Micro Point Solutions Certification

The Micro Point Link is a fast, non -surgical strand by strand solution that provides an option to maximize your client’s hair volume according to their need. This exclusive technique adds multiple strands of Cyberhair® to the clients existing hair by locking them onto existing hair at the base of the scalp increasing the density of a single hair up to 600%!

For clients with trouble areas on the side or back of their head IHI also offers Micro Point ACCCENTS which adds 100 hairs to 10-15 existing hairs immediately adding volume.

Micro Point Solutions Upcoming Training

**Virtual On-Demand Training Available**

Monday, August 5 2024 - Minneapolis, MN

Introduction to Hair Replacement Certification

Expand your service offerings with solutions for clients experiencing hair loss.  Through Hair Replacement Certification professions will learn the fundamentals of hair replacement. This class covers consultations, selling, application, choosing the best solution and creating transformed and loyal clients. Get going on your path to becoming a hair replacement specialist and start increasing your hourly income with this comprehensive virtual training with live coaching and hands-on instruction.

Intro To Hair Replacement Upcoming Training

Monday, June 10 - Tuesday, June 11 2024 - Minneapolis, MN


Virtual Cyberhair Certification

Cyberhair® was engineered in the 1990’s, and is still the superior created hair fiber available. It beats human hair in its durability and ability to hold color, and beats synthetic fibers by its heat tolerance, love of water and ultra-light weight. 

Cyberhair Certification allows you to create a personalized solution for your client, no matter their needs.

Key topics include hands-on mold-making and cutting & styling techniques; custom ordering guidance; caring for Cyberhair; and key pricing strategies.