How to Help Your Clients Pick a Wig (or Topper)

This blog was written by Jerry Holt, Research and Development Designer for IHI

This is very common question for stylists when a client has a conversation with you about wigs in general.

It's always a good idea to consult with your client to make sure they are communicating their goals so that you can make the best recommendations. Below are some topics for you to consider during the consultation.

You may feel a bit lost in the beginning, but we can help you!

What type of hair loss is your customer experiencing? 

  • General diffused hair loss
  • Alopecia
  • Medical
  • Post pregnancy
  • Mid-life changes in hair quality
  • A general need to change her hair for fashion

After you figure out the hair loss need you can move on from there:

  • Measure your client’s head properly
  • Determine the color that best fits the client
  • Discuss the best style choice – including hair length - to fit the client’s needs
  • Clarify your client’s budget for this purchase

    Also, determine the client’s ability or want for styling the wig. Human hair will require a lot more time and effort to maintain as compared to synthetics.

    Other factors that will determine pricing will be how the wig is made. All the following topics should be decided depending on the client: 

    • Human hair
    • Premium Created Fiber - like Cyberhair(R)
    • Kanekalon
    • High Heat Futura fiber or Hair
    • 100% hand tied
    • Partial hand tied
    • Machine made
    • Lace front

    A general diffused hair loss client may choose an Akanu Topper such as Rayen or Senna made of our Cyberhair(R) and Futura which retails for $800-$1200. 

    These can be easily secured with one or our high-quality clips. 

    The Akanu toppers will blend into the existing hair style without much effort and are very natural looking and an easy sale.

    If the client is preparing to have hair loss because of a medical treatment, you always want to advise them about using an ultra-smooth hypo-allergenic construction method such as our Akanu Originals, which retail for $1200 to $1500

    Akanu Originals are 2/3 hand-tied and were designed to be ultra-smooth because the medical hair loss client’s skin will be very sensitive after treatment.

    The client may just be wanting some extra fashion and to change it up from the style or color they have. If that's the case, our Akanu Essentials line retailing for $375-$500 will be a perfect choice. Made of Kanekalon fiber K7 with mostly lace fronts, it's an easy choice at a lower price point.

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