Akanu Originals: Home Care Instructions for Wigs

This article was written by Jerry Holt, Research & Development for IHI

Caring for your Akanu Original Wig

Akanu Originals are made of 50% Cyberhair(R) & 50% High Heat Futura Fiber.  This combination makes for a very easy-care wig collection. 

Akanu Originals were designed for the most comfort and direct contact to the scalp. The seams inside are ultra-smooth, and the polyurethane seams are made from “hypo” allergenic polyurethane. 

The Akanu Originals are 1/3 handtied across the front and top along with a lace extension. The 1/3 handtied section allows for you to move the part or hair directions easily. 

All of the Akanu Originals can have any type of fringe your client would desire with very little effort. 

Remember, Akanu Originals can be heat styled with appliances if it has a regulated temperature but never above 350*.

Never use a razor and always point cut and use the thinning shears in a point cut method to remove bulk or add softness. 

Let’s get started with some simple direction. 

  1. Gently brush out any tangles using our 444 C-Formula Final Protection and a large, toothed comb or vent brush always working from the bottom to the top. Do not put un-necessary stress at the root area while brushing to prevent pulling at the knots

  2. Wash and condition the wig about every 5 wearing’s

  3. Wash the wig in cold water in a sink basin partially with the 144 cleanser right in the water making a sudsy wash

  4. Swish the wig around for a minute or so

  5. Rinse thoroughly with cold water until cleanser is out using your fingers to organize the hair.

  6. Drain the water and fill the basin back with cold water and add our 274 Conditioner to the water and dip the style into the water mixture and let sit for a few minutes.

  7. Rinse thoroughly

  8. Always use our 444 C-Formula leave on liquid care for your wig to keep the fiber in tip top shape

  9. 444 C-Formula Final Protection can be used in between the cleansings to freshen and keep the fiber lubricated

With proper gentle loving care, our Akanu Originals will give you a lot of happy hair days!

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