Best Client Wig Option Can Be Either Synthetic OR Human Hair

This blog was written by Jerry Holt, Research & Development Manager for IHI

Wigs are either made from natural or synthetic hair. Each has pros and cons. The most appropriate choice for you will depend on what you and your clients are looking for, and the reasons behind wearing the wig.

If your studio has the space and budget to showcase both options, you’ll be certain to attract clients with a range of interests and budgets – which will more likely win you the sale!

Synthetic wigs tend to cost less than human hair wigs, and because they are factory-made, they retain their shape better and for longer.

This comes in handy for certain types of hairstyles. Synthetic hair is more resilient against the natural elements, so wind and humidity won’t wreck your look. On the downside, synthetic wigs have an artificial-looking sheen. They can also neither be restyled or colored.

Human hair wigs are generally more expensive and also require much more maintenance. They respond in the same way natural hair would when subjected to the elements and thus are less resilient than synthetic wigs.

But when it comes to styling. Human hair wigs generally have greater versatility, allowing you to restyle and color them as you choose. You can, for instance, use a blow dryer on a human hair wig, but a dryer can melt the fibers on some synthetic wigs. Note that some synthetic wigs are made from “heat resistant” fibers (like the Akanu Originals Wigs) and these can be heat styled within parameters noted on the wig care tag.

As you’re comparing wig quality, you’ll find that there are many different options at International Hairgoods including our Akanu Collection of synthetic wigs, and human hair.

Each kind of wig has pros and cons and varies in price. The most important thing is to find a wig you like that also meets your client's needs.

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Cost: Natural human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs
  • Appearance: Natural human hair wigs don’t come in as many color choices as synthetic wigs. However, synthetic wigs keep their appearance with almost no fuss
  • Durability: Synthetic wigs are weather-proof, while natural human hair wigs are just as likely to frizz when it’s wet out or continue to “grow” with more and more volume. In the long run, a wig will need to be replaced when worn on a daily basis. If taken care of, both the human hair and the synthetic wigs will last very well 
  • Versatility: Natural human wigs can be cut and styled similar to your own hair. Synthetic wigs are just as flexible when it comes to styling and versatility
  • Your lifestyle: If you like trying out different hairstyles and hair colors, you may want more than one wig or you may want one wig that can be styled in several different ways. Our Akanu Collection of wigs and toppers can be restyled easily with your own setting techniques and followed up with a steamer
  • Care: Human hair will always need more care to keep the appearance and beautiful shape. Our Akanu Collection will need to be cared for with our C-Formula line of hair care items to keep it protected and moisturized 

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