Ultimate Guide to Laser Therapy for Hair Regrowth

What is Low Level Laser Light Therapy?

There are many different options for combating hair loss. Most people are aware of the most popular & heavily marketed options like wigs and surgery, but Laser Hair Therapy is becoming much more popular as an effective solution for regrowing hair and slowing further hair loss.

Laser Hair Therapy uses something called Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate cellular activity in the hair follicles to slow down and minimize hair loss, while also supporting regrowth.

LLLT reawakens and re-energizes hair follicles at the root through a process called photobiostimulation. 

A 2017 study found that 10 out of 11 trials “demonstrated significant improvement of androgenic alopecia in comparison to baseline or controls when treated with LLLT.”

low level laser therapy

Laser Hair Growth Devices

There are many different options on the market for people experiencing hair loss, but most of the devices will work best for people who have encountered the beginning stages of it. 

People with thinning hair, and those who have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia will benefit most from LLLT and laser hair devices.

IHI has many different options available for salons who are hoping to generate more income and grow their client list, as well as offer a retail option for clients who would like to use LLLT from the comfort of their own homes.

The versatility of these devices is what makes them a great conversation starter for stylists and salon owners to have with their clients.

In-Salon Laser Devices

Capillus OfficePro

The Capillus OfficePro is a hood laser on a stand for in-salon use, similar to a hood dryer used every day in hair salons. 

The laser uses Low Level Light Therapy as previously discussed to stimulate cellular activity in the scalp and promote blood flow.

The Capillus OfficePro features 352 Laser Diodes. The more diodes a device has, the more effective it can be in treating hair loss and reversing the effects of thinning hair.

This device is FDA approved for use in salons to treat hair loss.

IHI can special order the Capillus OfficePro for your salon. The device is available at wholesale for $5000. 

To apply to become a wholesale partner of International Hairgoods, click here!

At Home Laser Devices

Capillus HomePro

The Capillus HomePro is a similar device to the OfficePro, but has fewer diodes. The HomePro features 202 diodes, meaning it is safe for at-home use as well as in-salon.

The HomePro is a hood laser on a stand that uses Low Level Light Therapy to stimulate cellular activity in the scap and promote blood flow.

With fewer diodes, it can be used to treat hair loss and hair thinning that is at an earlier stage than clients who need to use the OfficePro.

The HomePro is a unique retail opportunity for clients that do not have the time to visit their salon or stylist regularly, and would prefer to use LLLT at home.

With a retail cost of $1999, it is a much more accessible option for many men and women hoping to combat their hair loss.

This unit is stocked at International Hairgoods and available at wholesale pricing for approved partners.

To apply to become a wholesale partner, click here!

CapillusPlus (202 Diode)

The CapillusPlus is a true “at-home” device to treat hair loss, but also works wherever your clients need it to!

FDA-cleared, this Hair Regrowth Laser is shaped like a baseball cap and is a great portable option for clients who want to treat hair loss on the go.

Fit with a rechargeable battery, the device can start to restore hair to the scalp with as little as six minutes of use per day.

This model is more of a mid-range device, since it features 202 diodes, and can be marketed as a powerful yet affordable device for somebody who wants to take control of their hair loss.

Retailing at $1799, the CapillusPlus is available at wholesale pricing through International Hairgoods. Click here to apply to become a wholesaler!

CapillusPlus (272 Diode)

The CapullusPlus with 272 Diodes is the device for somebody who wants more power and effectiveness in their laser device, but it comes at a heightened cost compared to the 202 diode version.

The 272 Diode model has all of the same features as the 202 Diode model, but will be more effective at treating hair loss symptoms.

Retailing at $2999, this device will likely appeal to a higher end client where affordability is less of an issue.

Xtrallux Hair Regrowth Laser Device (136, 276, 316 & 352 Diodes)

The XTRALLUX Hair Regrowth Caps are wearable photobiomodulating devices intended to treat androgenetic alopecia (AGA) with continued usage. Red laser energy is delivered to the scalp during each daily 6-minute treatment session to restore viable hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

The devices are cleared by the US Food & Drug Administration to treat Androgenetic Alopecia in males and females.

The XTRALLUX device should be used 6 minutes every day. Do not exceed recommended usage. Exceeding recommended usage does not provide any added benefit.

For best results, use of the XTRALLUX device should not be discontinued. If you inadvertently miss a treatment, restart your daily treatments. The XTRALLUX device should be used indefinitely for continued treatment and maintenance of healthy hair growth.

Why Should You Choose LLLT?

Whether in the salon or your own home, laser devices are painless, quick, and easy!

Laser devices can be used in conjunction with a number of different products to promote hair growth as well as cover up existing hair loss/thinning, especially if you’re wanting a quick fix while you wait for the laser device to work its magic.

As for salon owners and stylists, it creates a unique marketing opportunity for you.

With treatments surrounding hair thinning and hair loss becoming more mainstream, it is a good time to start offering some solutions at your salon.

Signing up just five clients could be enough to pay off the OfficePro laser in just four months!

Below you’ll find an example of how you can implement a Monthly Laser Hair Therapy Program at your salon.

Client Monthly Program

  • 2-3 visits per week (session depends on laser but less than 15 minutes each)
  • Best results start at 4 months but client can safely continue indefinitely
  • Client In Salon Laser Program:  4-Month Program for  $79/Month or  6 Month Program for $69/Month
  • Impactful Client Revenue With No Stylist Cost!
  • Sign up 5 clients and your laser is paid for in 4 months!
  • 20 program clients/month is an additional $1380+/month revenue or ~$16,560 more per year!  What will be your monthly client goal?
  • Opportunity to drive client to purchase retail at home laser…
  • Book like tanning salons used to book their tanning beds!

Add On Scalp Treatment Salon Service Opportunity

  • 20 to 30-minute Scalp Treatment for $25-$50 (add-on or stand alone) 
  • (Hair Support Cost per Treatment is $3.20)

Retail Sales Opportunity

  • Spa Waterproof Scalp Massager - $169 retail ($83 wholesale)
  • Retail At Home Laser – to fit every client budget!

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